About Us

The Self Health Resource Center is dedicated to providing information, online community space, and a variety of natural health resources to the public. Originally established by Dr. Hulda Clark’s son, Geoff Clark, SHRC and the Dr. Clark Store brand were purchased in 2006 by Oskar Thorvaldsson. An alternative health advocate, Oskar has had experiences similar to many disenfranchised by convention medicine.

“At age 13 I got to know firsthand how primitive our patent medicine system is through losing loved ones – those closest to me. From that moment, I swore to make a humble difference. I didn’t know how until I met Dr. Hulda Clark, and then realized how important her work is to the world. She was a pioneer. I vowed to only promote leaders in alternative medicine that have a good track record.” Oskar Thorvaldsson.

The Self Health Resource Center website contains three main sections: a forum, an AI Chatbot (“Ask Dr. Clark”) that can answer questions from Dr. Hulda Clark’s books, and a database of articles and other resources.
While we are dedicated to promoting Dr. Clark’s protocols, we are not opposed to and draw upon the research of many other practitioners, such as Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Berg, and Dr. McCoullough. We find a lot of overlap and similarity among practitioners, and are dedicating this website to hosting discussion and debate regarding the different protocols and patient experiences. If you have a health practitioner that you would like included, please send us an email request, and we will add their protocol to our site, and potentially to the future AI chatbot knowledge bases.
Thank you for your participation and contributions to our natural health and wellness community!

Dr. Clark Store, Bernard Jensen, and NSM Production Standards

Dr. Clark’s son, Geoff, sold the company to Oskar on the condition that he would continue manufacturing according to Dr. Hulda Clark’s tough standards. Oskar gladly accepted the challenge, and since then, has continued to improve quality by installing an in-house laboratory offering real-time inspection of all incoming raw materials and finished goods with conventional lab equipment, such as FTIR, HPTLC, ICP, and microbiology analytical equipment.

Our equipment is designed precisely according to Dr. Clark’s mandates, without compromises. Our steadfast commitment to purity and quality can be found in every one of our products. Unlike our competitors’ products, ours have never contained unnecessary additives or harmful excipients. We know our customers depend on us to provide them the purest and most potent supplements available. Each one of our employees takes this responsibility very seriously.

Dr. Clark Store continues to manufacture products exactly as Dr. Hulda Clark intended, with the latest additions, formulations, and improvements. Since 2006 we have grown our factory to also manufacture products for other brands. We did this in order to invest significant funds into our quality control laboratory. The factory was incorporated under another entity called Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc., online at www.PureNSM.com. This company now holds a number of GMP certifications, including from NSF International and Underwriters Laboratory. We are also members of the Natural Products Association.

Tested Products

All these certifications mean that the products made in our factory are tested according to GMP protocols in a facility that is audited by independent quality organizations multiple times a year. In addition, we are proud to tell you that all Dr. Clark Store branded products are tested according to Dr. Clark’s protocols.